On a Boat!

Once upon a time, you were young and surrounded by a multitude of “friends”. Somehow, you grew older and as time passed, your coterie shrank. Some moved to other cities, a few fell into relationships or jobs that took all their time, and your own days became tangled and tiresome. LA has been my third city as an adult and the prior to LA I had the hardest time finding friends. I’m not sure if Yah remembered that struggle and sent some LA angels my way, but I’ve met some of the purest souls in LA and I am forever grateful for that. 


Besides my friends are awesome, I don’t have much to say. It’s just refreshing to have genuine souls to vibe and connect with. My relationships mean the world to me because I understand how difficult it is to maintain and make new ones and because of this— whenever I have the opportunity I am supporting or celebrating my friends. Last week was no different, one of my close friends Roger celebrated his 30th birthday and it was an amazing time! We rented a boat, sailed Marina Del Ray, and danced and laughed our afternoon away.


I tried my hardest to conjure up a sickening early spring boat look. Bianca Jagger was my outfit inspiration. Did I nail it?