California African American Museum

"One of those like art-type girls", I swear Kanye West was talking about me when he said that. If I could spend every weekend exploring a new museum I would. This past weekend I had the privilege to attend California African American Museum with #GurlMuseumDay, and it was amazing!! Gurl Museum Day(GMD)  was founded by award-wining visual multidisciplinary designer, Diane Lindquist. Diane get's women together to lead them through a list of electric museums and galleries around Los Angeles. Diane, a group of other dope creatives, and myself met at CAAM at noon and explored Derrick Adams: Network March exhibit and the LA Uprising of 1992 exhibit. Out of the two exhibits we saw, the LA Uprising of 1992 was definitely my favorite. The photographs of the LA riots so masterfully laid out in a timeline, definitely put me in my feelings. Even though I don't remember the riots, the conversations surrounding them and the familairity from repeated events that occur in our present day make me feel closer to them than I am.