She “Wanna” Vacay in Cabo

I was hell-bent on going on more international trip before the year ended, and I made it happen. My last trip of the year was to Cabo, Mexico and it was everything I needed to recharge and refocus to end the year strong.


When I vacation, I am usually the person with daily schedules curated however, this time I didn't plan a thing. Beyond the flight and lodging situation, I just went to Cabo with an open mind and need to relax and have fun. Honestly, I may have to start traveling more like that! This was one of my most relaxing trips.


My friends and I stayed in an AirBnB that was 20 miles from the airport, a few steps away from the beach, and less then 4 miles from downtown. People who visit Cabo usually stay in a resort however, AirBnB was a more cost effective option for me. The AirBnB was new, had a roof top pool, amazing view, and near all the resorts so it was easy to catch a taxi. 


Day 1 we rented a small private boat, sipped champagne, ate snacks, swam in the ocean, and danced our lives away. We originally were going to pay for a boat cruise but met someone who gave us a great deal on a private boat. BEST THING EVER!!! 


Day 2 we were able finesse a cabana on a resort, so we laid out on the beach and ate and drank all day. Oh, and I got confused for Tiffany Haddish and people asked if I could take pictures their kids.


Day 2.5 more beach! 


Day 3 relaxed on the AirBnB roof top pool and watched the sunset. 


Day 4, more beach and a really sketchy massage!