The Windy City

For the last few years, I have been interested in domestic travel. I made a list of cities in the United States that I would like to explore, and last weekend I went to the last city on my list. "And they say Chi-City. " *Kanye Voice*. 

I was only in Chicago for a few days but it was enough to see the city's beauty and to feel "her" spirit. Chicago is a place that the world often tears apart for its crime but please do not let that prevent you from experiencing it, that is only one aspect of the city. While there, I visited The Bean, The Navy Pier, China Town, went on the Architecture Boat Tour, spent some time exploring the Southside, and of course ate at Harold's Chicken. The architecture downtown, the colorful walls on the Southside, and the people make it worth the visit. Even though I didn't run into Chance the Rapper, Chicago is still beautiful to me, I will definitely return.