Photos by Darrin

I just needed a photographer. I had everything else lined up to begin my blog, except a photographer. Queen of the selfies, but selfies would only get me so far. I had become really good at bribing friends to snap a picture or two but I knew there wasn't anything like working with someone who already had an eye. *sigh* I needed a photographer. That's when I came across Darrin. We had worked together before but for collaborations, none of my personal work. I knew he was talented and skilled in this craft; I knew I needed him.

It was a breath of fresh air the moment we linked for my first solo project. He did an amazing job bringing my vision to life. Whether my posture was professional, sensual, playful, it didn't matter. I was giving many vibes in this particular shoot and Darrin captured every last one. See for yourself in the images below!

So, shoutout to my photographer! If you're in California and need one, I highly recommend Darrin. He can be reached via Instagram or website