Hillary Banks meets Tyra Banks in Life-Size


I was thinking of some cool commentary to write with this post, but I don't have anything. So here, enjoy these dope photos of me at the super cute Beverly Hills Hotel. 



Wait I lied, I do have some things to say about the hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, also called the Bungalows, is located on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. The hotel is one of the world’s best-known hotels, it is closely associated with Hollywood film stars, rock stars, and celebrities. The hotel opened in 1912 and has a guest list of some pretty big time white people (I didn’t have to say that, but I did because it’s true. While looking at the history I saw names like John Lennon, Liz Taylor, and a lot of other rich face that didn’t look like my own).

It is really important to me to do research on the places I choose to visit or shoot content at, it’s deeper than pictures, it’s about exposure and education. So, while the Beverly Hills Hotel is super cute the hotel has faced some pretty big controversy over the years (as recent at as 2014), they have been boycotted against for discrimination against the LGBQT community and a few other things. Probably wouldn't spend my coins there but I def looked cute poising against their infrastructure in my Hillary Banks/Black Barbie inspired look. Enjoy!